Posters of the office should be something that shed positive energy and also keeps you motivated. We have a good collection of motivational posters here, which will best suit your workplace. As per a study conducted at the University of Texas, it was proved that keeping motivational posters increases work efficiency. A test was conducted between two groups of people, one with a motivating poster and the other without it. At the end of the survey, it was seen that the performance rate was hiked by 33% of employees who had motivational posters in the office. There was not much difference in the performance of another group of employees. 

It is not necessary that you should have a great motivating quote in your office. A beautiful or funky poster that brings positivity will also work. You can have a fashion poster if you work in a fashion-based company or if you are a startup, you can put some creative artwork that can inspire your employees and bring some creativity. 

You can style your workplace with different posters in different manners, but also remember that its workplace and not a cafe, so don’t over decor it. The office should maintain some simplicity, so while decorating it with multiple posters, keep sufficient space between them, use a more framed poster, so make it look elegant. Another tip is to choose a light and basic color for your walls.