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About us

Humanity is experiencing extraordinary times where there are global unrest, conflict and pressures in everyday life and we're all busy seeking novel ways to escape or merely handle this pressure. Aren't we?

When we first started LAB No 4 in 2014, it was out of our own experience that had led us to this brilliant conception. We were a multifaceted IT firm with offices in three different locations across India. While designing a website on quotes for one of our clients, our entire team, in one voice, said that there was an unspoken mentoring they experienced every time they read those quotes, and that had a massive impact on their mood and daily performance.

That clicked! And thus we started our fourth in-house project, LAB NO 4 - The Quotography Department. The intention is to furnish those boring home and workplace walls with a quick and timely burst of wisdom and motivation to get your focus back, offering the inspiration needed to keep you going.

Our Motto – "Keep It Simple Stupid!"  

LAB NO 4 is a storehouse of simple approaches to professional challenges and evidently, simple is what the world needs today! And this is precisely what we try to reflect in all our designs and concepts. Historically, quotes were always in the background, but with the modern day life complexities, they have taken prominence as simple solutions to our daily self-motivation issues. 

A well-designed quotography works as an aide memoire to help us focus on what's important. Our subtle yet impactful designs have now been globally accepted as the go-to cure for coping in the modern day life. Whether you are at home, office, gym or café, look at our quotography masterpieces and find yourself exclaiming, 'That's how I feel!' or 'This is how I want to feel!' It is and should be that simple!

The Philosophy Behind Our magic!

Customer-Centric Multifariousness

When in business, it's not about what matters to you, but it is more about what matters to your customers. At Lab No 4 we help our clients choose from the plethora of options that are contextually relevant to them. Whether you want to motivate yourself to get better or encourage teamwork for success, we have the art of motivation that directly speaks to those sentiments.

Innovation & Process

To truly innovate, we believe, collaboration needs to go beyond great teamwork. As a part of our strategic process, we envisage customer experiences and empower our customers to foster a culture of inspiration, excellence and visual appeal in the organization. While we make exhaustive efforts to simplify the process of daily motivation for our clients, a lot happens behind the scenes.

Execution & Excellence

Strategy needs execution and we follow a tried, tested and constantly improving workflow for all of our quotography design and research projects. Our approach is to rethink design from all dimensions that enable impactful response to your purpose of motivation. We connect the dots between our purpose, customer experience, and the seed of inspiration that drives us both.

We believe in

Anyone Can Be An Ace: Attitude + Commitement = Excellence.