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The development of Lab No. 4 was not a planned or a foreseen goal to be reached for it’s developers. The developers started as an IT firm, which had three branches at different places in India. They got an order from a friend to design his website containing quotes. The developers got highly impressed and motivated by the quotes on the site. This saw the seeds of the development of quotology lab into the minds of Lan No. 4’s parents. So, the development of Lab No. 4 was kind of a serendipity to its parents.


Lab No. 4 : The Quotography Site


The seeds of the development of Lab No. 4 had been sawn and now was the time for the developers to think maturely about it and give it a proper shape. Hence it started as an R&D project named quotography development and since it was their 4th project the name Lab No. 4 was given. At Lab No. 4 they believe that walls not only hear, but also can speak and express. So, through motivational posters, they give the walls their opportunity to speak on behalf of you. Lab No. 4 was developed with a particular intention to help each and everyone stay focused and motivated with the help of their motivational posters for office and homes.


Posters:  the most effective way the walls express your ideas


Lab No. 4 has very good and high quality posters containing motivational and inspirational quotes. These posters keep you and your staff motivated at your staff towards the company’s goals and express your taste and feelings at your home. You can order posters online from Lab No. 4 website. You also have the option of buying framed posters online. They have the frames available in four wooden colors like black, brown, cream and white and these frames are available in various different size. You can also buy wall posters online to stick it on your wall. There are various posters available for home, kitchen and  office. Posters of movies and national heroes like Mahatma Gandhi are also available.


Best online planners to grab from


With the help of a planner it is very easy to maintain your life in a planned way.  You can buy daily planner online to note down the timings of your meetings and other important day to day events to manage your day in a smooth and swift manner. High quality fitness planners are also available with Lab No. 4 which can help you maintain track of your calorie intake and exercise routine. You can also manage your expenses with their monthly expense planner. They have a wide variety to planners to grab from.


Notebooks and diaries with inspiring and interactive quotes


Lab No. 4 has a good variety of notebooks and diaries for your use. These notebooks and diaries contain inspirational quotes on their front page. The notebooks is of 5.25 X 8 inch size. The front page consisting of inspirational quote is laminated cover page. You can use these notebooks to take down personal notes. These notebook diaries can also be used to write poems and nice quotes in it. Lab No. 4 is a diary shop online from where you can purchase great quality diaries and notebooks. These inspirational notebooks also help students to get motivated during their exams and study period.


Best quality beginning of the year calendars


Lab No. 4 also has options of calendars with motivational and inspirational quotes. They have wall calendars and desk calendars containing quotes and posters. These beginning of the year posters are great options to get motivated daily when you look at the calendar for dates.


They also have very good sale on different products and these products of Lab No. 4 are really pocket friendly.


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