Wall posters are the best thing for renters, Renting an apartment may come with the advantage you changing location whenever you wish or not worry about taxes and stuff. But when it comes to home decor it can be challenging as you are bound to many restrictions. If you are going through the same problem we have for your solution. Just put on posters you like and decorate your walls to add the awe factor.

If nailing on walls bothers you, You can try some alternatives, such as removable adhesive tape or velcro tape. Search for this kind of tapes and stick it on the wall and the back of your posters. Place the Posters wherever you like and that’s it. You can remove these posters if you want when you are moving out to a new place. Stop worrying about your landlords and make your rented apartment homes with the poster decor.


Choose Posters that best complements your home interior look, and if you are thinking which posters to pick for your home, this guide will come to your rescue. We have mentioned different posters categories to give you a clear idea of all kinds of posters. We have a collection of numerous posters in all of these categories, so let’s get started!

Movie Posters

If you are a big movie Fan, loving watching movies you would probably love having movie posters in your home. A retro movie or an animated one has a poster of the movies you love the most. Movie Posters reflects your interest and also the kind of personality you have.

Music Posters

We all have our list of favorite songs, but there come a few songs that touch your heart and Lyrics of which is hard to get off your mind right?  Have you ever thought of decorating your room with song lyrics, yeah sounds great isn’t! We have posters with song lyrics or sound waves. It is a perfect mood setter and looks amazing on your wall.

Kitchen Posters

Beautify your kitchen decor with a kitchen poster. The kitchen posters add a pop of color making your dining space more enjoyable. Dining space is a place where the family comes together, they eat they talk the cherish. So make your happy place more attractive by placing pretty kitchen posters.


Sports Posters

Are your sportsperson or a dies hard fan of an athlete? Let everyone know about through your walls. Have a poster of player you love the most or maybe a sport you most enjoy or a quote from a legendary player it could be anything. Sports posters are what makes your room look super cool.

Motivational and Educational Posters

Motivation is a must in everyone's life. Motivation can be achieved through our surroundings it’s just you have to look around, but we are unable to do so. A motivational poster can very well serve the purpose. A small and impactful sentence with a hard-hitting message and an artistically designed background can motivate you as well as add an inspiring element to your empty walls.


If you have kids at home or you work at home then have an inspiring poster at your desk.  It will leave a great impact when you work or study and also will remind you to work harder towards your goal.

Poster decorating ideas in your home

We have discussed a different kind of posters you can keep in your house, but having a good poster is not enough the place you keep and the way you keep the poster also matters. There are several ways in which you can decorate your walls with post

Color coordinate

Choose posters with color that coordinates to you room's items or furniture so that it create a unique theme. Suppose our room furniture has the color blue and white, so choose that has comes with same color family you can select different omes of color like darker blue od turquoise blue.


If you like simple things you can go minimal with your poster.  In visual arts, music, and other mediums, minimalism is an art movement. Placing a simple poster with minimal graphics at your sofa wall or say in the bedroom makes your look simple yet elegant. It also makes your room look spacious.


Add a pop of color

If you like colors than play with you can make your walls colorful by adding posters with all kinds of color. This theme would look best in the children's room or study room. Also if you live in a rented apartment and are not allowed to color walls this the best you can do to pop colors in your walls.

Group several posters together

When we talk about the poster you can be as creative as you want. One other way to display poster art in your walls is to group several posters together. But make sure you choose a good wall side that has enough space otherwise it would be cluttered. You can try this method on the staircase wall, space near your desk or maybe dining space if it is spacious.                            

Place your Posters against wall or table

It’s not always necessary to hang your poster on walls you simply place it on the table with some decorative pieces that look pretty good too.

Multiuse poster by making bookend

Want to create instant bookshelf why not use a poster for that. Simply place a poster on the table and make it doesn’t move, now stack books on the sides of the poster so that it remains in place.

That’s it, folks! We hope found this blog useful, now what are you waiting for shop posters and start decorating your home today.