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I Want To Hold Your Hand

I Want To Hold Your Hand

If There's Music In The Night Mind Trick

If There's Music In The Night Mind Trick

London Calling To The Faraway Towns

London calling to the faraway towns Now war is declared and battle come down Sung By The Clash - London Calling.
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This is an apocalyptic song, detailing the many ways the world could end, including the coming of the ice age, starvation, and war. It was the song that best defined The Clash, who were known for lashing out against injustice and rebelling against the establishment, which is pretty much what punk rock was all about. Joe Strummer explained in 1988 to Melody Maker: "I read about ten news reports in one day calling down all variety of plagues on us."
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Lamination Matt
White Border 10 MM
Paper Material Art Paper
Paper Thickness 300
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